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Dengvaxia- World’s First Dengue Vaccine

Is there a vaccine for dengue fever? For many years, specialists and researchers have been committed to finding a dengue vaccine with no success. The first research of dengue vaccine started in 1929 but failed due to lack of the disease pathogenesis and adequate knowledge. Over the years, many drugs for dengue prevention have been developed, but many of them are still under review for approval. World’s First Dengue Vaccine However, hope has finally been rekindled after the Food and

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Dengue Virus: Types, Life Cycle and Effects

Dengue virus affects more than 2.5 billion residents in the subtropical countries, and 120 million travelers in the regions, leaving more than 500000 individuals hospitalized. Inventing an effective vaccine for the ailment has been challenging due to lack of appropriate animal models of infection. The best option remains to stay away from the Aedes mosquito. The number of infections has been rapidly increasing since 1980 due to factors such as; ü Substandard living conditions ü Lack of vector control and

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Causes, Symptoms and Precautions of Dengue Fever

Over the past 50 years, the rate of dengue has increased by 30 folds putting half of the world’s population in danger. Dengue is a contagion and viral disease that is fast spreading in all parts of the world. It affects suburbs, countryside, poor urban areas as well as prominent neighbourhoods in subtropical and tropical countries. Mild dengue causes a rash, muscle, joint pain, and a high fever. An extreme type of dengue fever can lead to severe bleeding, shock

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